August 7, 2016

Career Coaching

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is undertaken when individuals know their career goal or have a career pathway in mind, but want help on HOW to get there. Irrespective of where that person might be in their career journey (i.e., at the beginning, middle to twilight), coaching could be certainly appropriate in assisting them on that journey and keeping them accountable.

For the adult, coaching might arise for questions such as:

  • how can I get job satisfaction?
  • how can I get a promotion?
  • how can I find out what I really want to do?
  • how can I find a job?
  • how can I change career direction?
  • how can I make a contribution?
  • how can I find purpose?

For the young adult, the questions might be:

  • where to from here?
  • what course should I study?
  • should I enrol in a post-graduate course?
  • how can i get motivated?
  • how can I enjoy my job?
  • how can I get ahead?

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Career Guidance


What is Career Guidance?

While coaching generally applies to adults (but not always), for adolescents, it is usually a case of providing career guidance.

There is a difference between coaching and guidance.

Career Guidance is necessary when the individual (the adolescent or the adult) has little or no idea where to head in a career. They lack a career goal.

Often the person knows clearly what they don't  want in a career, but have no idea of what might suit them or where they might find their niche. Career guidance therefore is about finding the WHERE.  Something to aim for.

As the saying goes, "If you don't know where you're going, how can you expect to get there?"

Effective career guidance and planning can save years and money wasted doing inappropriate courses or unsuitable jobs.

However, it is certainly true that adults are also now seeking career guidance because they might...

  •  be dis-satisfied in their job
  •  want a career change
  •  cannot see a career path in their current job
  •  have never found their "niche"
  •  have been retrenched
  •  feel that "there is more out there" for them

For the adolescent though, career guidance answers the following questions:

  •  what subjects do I choose at school?
  •  what is my career path?
  •  what are my strengths and talents?
  •  where am I headed?
  •  what do I do after secondary school?
  •  should I go to Uni or TAFE?
  •  should I have a "gap year"?

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