August 30, 2016

More Testimonials

The TAFE Career Management Unit has utilised the services of Darryl Cross from Crossways Coaching for a number of years with excellent results for employees. Our unit refers employees for coaching who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace and/or in their personal lives that are impacting on their ability to perform at work. The feedback from employees has been excellent and the coaching provided has assisted them in resolving issues and gaining confidence in their own ability to deal with issues.
Judy Trout
We have consulted Darryl Cross on a number of occasions over the past few years to assist us with the professional development of partners and staff of our firm. On each occasion the individuals concerned have spoken highly of the objective insights and guidance offered by Darryl. I expect that we will continue to supplement our internal training and mentoring with the ‘coaching’ services Darryl is able to provide.
Peter Slattery
Sometimes in life even the most well educated executives need a coach to help them see their potential clearly. As a thirty-seven year old Chief Executive, highly educated in Social Sciences and Philosophy, I felt I was not in need of a coach – until I ended up in hospital with Angina and also suffering from Severe Panic Attacks. In this time of crisis and extreme stress, Darryl helped me lift my scope of vision beyond that I could see, and focus upon my potential and my dreams. Through only a few sessions I rose beyond my circumstances, and I am now moving on into things I earlier only dreamed of. Everyone at some point needs a coach, and I can provide Darryl with my highest recommendation!
Before my sessions with Darryl I felt that I was drowning daily amongst all the projects and conflicting priorities that I had in my role of Executive Manager. There was never enough time in the day to accomplish everything so I would go home feeling as if I had failed to achieve, that I really wasn’t good enough to carry out the role that the organisation was expecting of me. Working with Darryl helped to put some of these things into perspective, helped me to focus on the important things in the role and has enabled me to undertake activity that I had previously not been confident enough to do. My outcomes and relationships have improved markedly in both a business and personal sense, and there is no longer that sense of failure at the end of each day. The projects and conflicting priorities haven’t gone away, nor have I found more hours in the day, I now have strategies that I use to ensure that achievements are made daily and that progress is continually made.
Sue Delfos
As a Mid-level Manager, attempting to address performance issues, needing skill refinement with accountability, I found that Darryl’s particular intervention approach was fair; supportive; empowering; educative; challenging and importantly, personally developmental. I suspect regular coaching sessions between yourself and our Managers would be a truly preventative work cover strategy.
Stephanie Kiley
I have had experience of Darryl Cross in my capacity as a Partner of a professional services firm to whom Darryl has provided consulting services. Darryl was always reliable and conscientious in his dealings with our firm and our staff reported back positively on the outcomes of their coaching and interaction with Darryl.
Michael Browne