June 5, 2017

Dr Darryl’s Books

Dr Cross has written on a variety of topics in very practical ways about dealing with children, adolescence, depression in the workplace, the art of listening, self-sabotage and discovering success and happiness. These books are available in audio, Kindle or hardcover and can be purchased from the book website below:

The Dark Clouds at Work: How to Manage Depressed Staff in the Workplace Whilst Increasing Morale & Productivity

In Pursuit of Success and Happiness: A Practical Guide

You're a New Leader: So Now What?

Listen Up Now! How to Increase Growth and Profit in Business by Really Listening to Your Clients & Customers

Growing Up Children: How To Get 5-12 Year Olds to Behave & Do as They're Told

Stopping Your Self-Sabotage: Steps to Increase Your Self-Confidence

Teenager Trouble-Shooting: How to Stop Your Adolescent Driving You Crazy